Chirashi: Flyers or booklets given out free to promote an upcoming event or release.

M-Serve R

Entertainment Magazine

Entertainment Magazine


Entertainment Magazine

Bandai Plastic Model Kits Catalogue 1996

Kadokawa Shoten previews

Bandai Visual Entertainment Mini Mini Magazine

Bandai Visual Entertainment Mini Mini Magazine

Bandai Soft Collection '97 Autumn

Kinokuniya 1998 Anime & Comic Catalog

Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine

North American Premiere Program

North American Premiere Program - CNAnime version

Beat Magazine

Wanted 2000

Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine

Bandai Visual DVD Catalogue Vol.5

Japanese Animation Festival leaflet

Kinokuniya Bookstore Anime & Comic Catalogue

Viz Shop-by-mail Catalog 2001

Animenation 2001-2002 Catalog

Video Vault Backlist Catalog Summer 2001 Anime Catalog

Kinokuniya Bookstore Anime & Comic Catalogue

Sunrise Film Works

Sunrise Film Works

Catalogo De Animacion Japonesa 2002

Viz Shop-by-mail Catalog 2002

The Anime Book

Mega Manga Catalog March 2004

Video Vault Backlist Catalog Winter 2005 Anime Catalog

Beez Entertainment Catalogue


Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine

Beat Magazine

Hiroshi Ōsaka Memorial Exhibition

Sozaishuu Flyer

NRY Flyer

DH Flyer

TRX Flyer

Sunrise Festival 2011

Shoji Kawamori Expo

Shoji Kawamori Expo

Escaflowne Gallery at Hakaba no Garou


Madman Anime Update

Dynamic Visions catalogue

Senshibankou Phantasien II Chirashi

Sunrise Pin Collection flyer


Furoku: Freebies included with magazines

Go! Go! Anime Songs Book '96'

Postcard set

Information booklet



Information Booklet

1996 Illustration Calendar

1996 Spring Anime Song Collection

1996 Autumn Winter Anime Song Collection

Shouen Ace 1996 Calendar

Shouen Ace 1997 Calendar

1998 Animage Calendar

The Animedia History

Newtype 15th Memorial Book

2000 Autumn Winter Anime Song Collection

Newtype 300th Anniversary Supplement

Poker Card set

Poker Card set

Note Block

Cover Illust Gallery

Animania Postcards

Animania Postcards

Newtype Postcard Best Selection


The Vision of Escaflowne Collection Special Disk

The Vision of Escaflowne Collection Special Disk

Yubiwa Demo Tape

Yubiwa Sampler CD

30minutes night flight Special Sampler CD

Kickstarter Exclusive box

Pachinko Promotional Materials


1996 Sunrise Calendar

Carddass Masters Trading Card


Trading Card

2000 Sunrise Calendar

Tokyopop Sneaks fall 2003

CR Pachinko game machine (Special casing)

CR Pachinko game machine

Hitomi's Tarot Cards

Paper Tissues


Hitomi's Tarot Cards



POP: Displays found at the point of purchase to promote items for sale

Standard Edition Game Sample Display

Limited Edition Game Sample Display

Hitomi ver.

Van ver.

Sunrise Festival 2015 advertisement board

Sunrise Festival 2015 Poster

Sunrise Festival 2016

Shoji Kawamori Expo Ticket advertisement board

Shoji Kawamori Expo Background

Shoji Kawamori Expo Wall Covering

Shoji Kawamori Expo Wall Advertisement

WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 2019 Summer Wonder Festival Booth Display

Moderoid Booth Display

HAKABA NO GAROU Van Life-Size cardboard Standee

HAKABA NO GAROU Allen Life-Size cardboard Standee


Present Campaign Tapestry Hitomi

Present Campaign Tapestry Van

Sunrise World Tokyo "COOL JAPAN SUNRISE!!" exhibition

Sunrise World Tokyo "COOL JAPAN SUNRISE!!" exhibition

Sunrise World Tokyo "COOL JAPAN SUNRISE!!" exhibition

Sunrise World Tokyo "COOL JAPAN SUNRISE!!" exhibition

CR Pachinko game banner

CR Pachinko game long banner

Escaflowne vinyl booth display banner


Newtype 30th Anniversary Cover Exhibition Display



Over The Sky OST release poster

CD Rom Collection Poster

Vision 13 release poster

Sunrise World Mission 1

Movie Drama CDs release poster

Movie rental release poster

Movie DVD & Video release poster

Movie theatrical poster

Movie poster

Movie Keychain Promotional Poster

Movie theatrical poster

Movie release poster

Sunrise Festival 2011 poster


Kickstarter exclusive poster

Sunrise Festival 2016 Signed

Japan-Expo 2017 Anime 100 poster

Bones 20th Anniversary time-line poster

Shoji Kawamori Expo large pillar poster

Shoji Kawamori Expo Large billboard poster

Shoji Kawamori Expo Poster



Super Robot Legend release poster

Vision 1 release poster

Vision 4 release poster

Vision 7 release poster

PS game release poster

Perfect Vision release poster

Sunrise World War promotional poster

Sunrise World I

Sample Home Video

Bandai Visual Video News

Bandai New Soft Line-up '97 Spring

Bandai New Soft Line-up '97 Autumn

Wanted '99 Anime Previews

Escaflowne Movie DVD Press Sampler

Anime Guide 2002 DVD Catalogue

Selecta Vision Demo-disk 2002

Escaflowne Playstation game promo video

DVD Manga la major animation Japonesa - Los Trailers

DVD Manga 2 Los Trailers

First Vision


Shitajiki: A board used as an underlay for paper whilst writing or drawing to protect the sheets underneath or for support

Telephone Card